There’s no doubt about it: wedding planning can occasionally create some stressful moments. That’s just part and parcel of making so many big decisions about such a special day. However, it’s important to not let those moments of stress detract from what should be a very exciting time for both of you.

That being said, staying in a state of mental tranquillity is obviously easier said than done! This is why we’ve compiled our top tips on how to stay cool, calm and collected before your wedding.

Take time off work

One of the root causes of stress is the overbearing feeling of not having enough time to do what you need to do. This is why it’s important to take some time off work if possible, so you can dedicate whole days to ticking off a few things on your to-do list.

Rest well

Towards the evening, wind down from the wedding plans and ensure that you’re in the right frame of mind for a restful night’s sleep. An overstimulation of the brain, especially just before bed, can make it difficult to sleep and even more difficult to stay sleeping. Also avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed, as they can reduce the quality of your sleep and make you feel more tired the next day.


Take some time to find a quiet place, close your eyes and clear your mind. Focus on your breathing, imagine relaxing each body part one by one, and stay acutely aware of the present moment.

Even short spells of meditation can relax your mind, sharpen your focus and help you feel re-energised to take on the tasks ahead.

Pamper yourself

Have a bubble bath, or simply relax doing something else you enjoy, along with soft lighting and candles. Some alone time like this can really help you unwind whilst soothing away any tension in the body.

Try lighting the Wedding Day candle by Yankee candle.


A healthy diet makes for a healthy mind and body. Plus, there are many foods out there which contain nutrients known for reducing stress, including:

  • Green, leafy vegetables – contain folate, which releases happy hormones
  • Salmon and oily fish – omega 3 acids can aid in reducing anxiety
  • Fish and turkey – contain tryptophan, an amino acid which aids wellbeing
  • Blueberries – contain antioxidants which fight the physical effects of stress
  • Yoghurt – shown in studies to reduce brain activity associated with stress
  • Dark chocolate – small amounts increase endorphin levels, the feel-good hormones
  • Nuts and seeds – contain zinc and magnesium, which balance mood and aid sleep

Take a break

However busy you may feel, it’s important to organise some time where you can completely disconnect from any thoughts regarding your wedding. Relax with an activity, meet up with friends or even go out for a date night with your spouse-to-be. This resets your mind so you can come back to the subject of the wedding with fresh focus and perspective.

Stay positive

Always keep the happiness of your wedding in mind. Think about how wonderful it will be on the special day, and try to re-focus any feelings of anxiety into feelings of excitement!



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