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10 things you can have at your wedding for the “wow” factor

Everyone wants their wedding to be the best, with unique, interesting and unusual features which help it stand out from the rest and make it really memorable for their guests. Fortunately, there a plenty of ways to do exactly that, with innovative ideas which are budget-friendly to boot. Here are our 10 “wow” factor wedding ideas which are sure to create lots of laughter, intrigue and appreciation. 1). Polaroid guest book This novel idea is similar to ‘for hire’ photo booths which have popped up in many weddings. However, instead, you supply a Polaroid instant-photograph camera and a book...

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Welcome to Wedding Inspirations UK

In this blog, you’ll find top tips on how to make your wedding even bigger and better, along with useful advice which can help any marriage to be happier, stronger and more successful. You’ll discover: Wedding organisation tips – Find out the tried-and-tested ways to make various parts of your wedding easier to organise, including your guestlist, budget, ceremony, dress, venue, catering and much more! Unique and interesting ideas – Want to give your wedding that special touch? We’ll share the latest ideas and outside-the-box thinking for that extra bit of magic. Tricks and techniques – Learn some highly...

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Choosing the perfect wedding cake

The wedding cake is certainly an important element of any wedding. After all, your guests will be fixated on it when you both cut the first slice, and your photographer will no doubt be immortalising that moment in a photo which takes pride of place in any wedding album. Plus, with guests taking a slice, it also needs to taste good! But what to choose? There is of course the traditional tiered wedding cake in flavours of your choosing, but there are plenty of other great alternatives if you’re looking for something different which stands out ahead of the...

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The 12 top trending wedding theme ideas

There are many smaller themes in any wedding which you have to decide upon. For example, the colour scheme of the after-party, the type of food on offer, and even the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. However, beyond that, there are a range of different wedding themes out there which provide the main foundation for the look and feel of your wedding. You can tie almost everything to one particular theme to give your wedding a very specific aesthetic and overall ambiance. Whilst the classic wedding is a tried-and-tested theme which will always go down well, there are a...

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Top tips and recommendations for creating a wedding gift list

Gifts for the newlyweds are a staple of any wedding, and one very handy way of tackling it is with something called a gift list. This is where you create a list of gifts you would like to have which guests can use when deciding what to buy for you both. Whilst it ensures that you receive gifts which you find the most useful, it also makes the job of gift buying much easier for your guests, as they can pick something out of your list instead of racking their brains over what to buy. One of the best...

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