Wedding traditions have occurred for decades, and in some cases, even centuries. Some people don’t even give them a second thought on their big day, whilst others like to follow them in the hope that it brings extra luck and fortune to their marriage.

Regardless of someone’s stance, there’s no doubt that they add an extra touch of magic to any wedding day. Here are some of the classics worth considering:

Asking her father for her hand in marriage

This timeless (and often nerve-wracking) tradition sees the groom-to-be asking his partner’s father for his blessing. Whilst it’s not so widely practiced in the modern day, it can be a respectful gesture which in turn brings more respect from the parent-in-laws. It also acts a form of bonding between the groom and his future father-in-law.

Old, new, borrowed, blue

This is the classic wedding staple known around the world. Something old can be a family keepsake. Something new is often the wedding dress. Something borrowed can be jewellery or another accessory. Finally, blue, which symbolises loyalty and purity, can be any blue accessory, with a blue garter being the most common. You can even buy a blue wedding garter from Etsy to make sure you’ve got everything you need to follow this timeless tradition.

Not seeing the bride before the wedding

This is one of the most widely followed traditions which is intended to bring good luck. However, whether you believe this or not, it’s still a great method of building extra excitement on the wedding day, so the first time you see them is when you’re walking down the aisle!

Throwing confetti

Traditionally, rice was thrown at the bride and groom, which was intended to encourage fertility. However, confetti is now used in modern times, and makes for a fun moment with some great photo opportunities.

Silver sixpence in her shoe

This tradition is usually tied together with our second mention in this article, with the full phrase written as “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. It’s intended to wish the bride great wealth, and you can even buy a silver sixpence from John Lewis for the occasion, which is quite handy without many silver sixpences lying around these days!

Throwing the bouquet

Another very popular tradition sees the bride throwing her bouquet behind her, where whoever catches it shall be the next person to be married. It’s a fun touch to any wedding which involves all of the guests.

The first dance

Arguably the most popular wedding tradition, where the newlyweds enjoy their first dance alone together on the floor. It’s a beautiful and often emotional moment which is enjoyed by everyone.



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