There are many smaller themes in any wedding which you have to decide upon. For example, the colour scheme of the after-party, the type of food on offer, and even the colour of the bridesmaid dresses.

However, beyond that, there are a range of different wedding themes out there which provide the main foundation for the look and feel of your wedding. You can tie almost everything to one particular theme to give your wedding a very specific aesthetic and overall ambiance.

Whilst the classic wedding is a tried-and-tested theme which will always go down well, there are a number of popular themes which people have used to give their wedding a highly personalised touch.

Here are a few of the hottest wedding theme trends:

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Everyone knows the traditional classic wedding theme. Crisp white, gold and silver accents, clean lines, pastel bouquets and love-hearts aplenty. However, you can certainly add a subtle twist to a classic theme, such as different colour accents or some ultra-modern sleekness.

Shabby chic

Mixing modern design tastes with aged and antique-inspired accessories, a shabby chic wedding theme exudes warmth and cosiness.


If your idea of the perfect place to relax is a thatched cottage with a burning log-fire overlooking rich countryside, then a rustic wedding theme might be just the ticket. It can provide a highly contemporary look with subtle outdoor-themed touches.


A glamorous theme involves bold colours and accessories to give your wedding its own larger-than-life personality. Think of black, gold and silver accents contrasted with a touch of sparkle.


A garden themed wedding is one of the most popular out there – and for good reason. It takes the traditional wedding style and combines it with flowers, birds, butterflies and clouds for a beautiful balance between modern and rustic.


A retro wedding theme harks back to the days of old, whether you prefer retro 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond. It’s bold, fun and provides the opportunity for some very interesting and unique accessories. It’s also a highly versatile theme, where you can narrow it down to your favourite era of design.


Vintage, whilst similar to retro, has more specific roots near the Victorian era, with beautiful old-fashioned invitations and interior themes built on intricate patterns. Think lace, pearls, pink roses, elaborate floral patterns and Victorian-inspired glassware.


A beach wedding theme involves sea, sun and sand, with warm colours contrasted against sea-blue. The traditional ‘beach chair’ striped pattern works wonderfully in pastel tones, with many interesting accessories inspired by the critters of the ocean.


A woodland wedding theme takes aspects of garden and rustic inspired themes, but bolsters it with more earthy tones, stronger colours and natural wood accessories. Think bark, cork, faux-moss, branches, wildflowers and woodland animals.


A bohemian wedding theme takes inspiration from the classic bohemian style of the 20th century. This theme uses a mixture of vintage, rustic and retro-chic with some unconventional twists. Bold flowers, feathers, vintage clothes and aged accessories help to harness the free-flowing and down-to-earth spirit.

Wanderlust & travel

If you love travelling and exploring the world, a wanderlust inspired wedding theme might be the perfect fit. It allows for a versatile colour scheme and offers many interesting accessories relating to planes, hot air balloons, travel stamps, suitcases and compasses. You could even create wedding invitations in the style of a postcard or luggage tag.


An industrial wedding theme can be far more quaint and charming than the name implies. Think bold colours and fonts, dark accents and rustic metal accessories. When paired with a bright overall background palette, you can certainly have that industrial feel whilst keeping the design fresh, airy and modern.



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