A marriage is a serious undertaking, with two people in a loving partnership where they have dedicated themselves to spending the rest of their lives together. It’s a beautiful thing, but there’s no denying that it can have ups and downs just like any relationship.

Simply put, the more effort you both put into it, the more successful your marriage will be. It ensures that the happy moments are even better, and that any niggles are soon forgotten so you can both get on with enjoying the fruits of your marriage.

Here are our top 10 tips for doing exactly that:

1). Timing

Sometimes, important discussions must happen, whether they’re to do with finance, work, health, children or the marriage itself. Communication is vital, but timing is key. Be sure to have any important discussions when you’re both ready for it, and be mindful of what is going on in your spouse’s life at the time.

2). Privacy

What happens in the marriage stays in the marriage. Whilst it can be helpful to seek advice from friends or loved ones, try to keep certain aspects of your marriage private, and be careful of lending ears. For example, situations can be made worse if any problems are aired which affect the relationship between your spouse and family. Trust is also essential if you want to avoid unwanted gossip.

3). Let the little things go

Life is too short, as they say! Whilst it can be difficult to let the little things go, it’s very frustrating if a small problem spirals out of control because both people in the marriage are unwilling to back down. Always take a deep breath and remember the bigger picture.

4). Never go to sleep on a fight

Always try to resolve your problems before you sleep, as tomorrow can be a new day with any issues left behind. Going to sleep with tension in the air allows bad emotions to fester, and risks carrying them on to the following day.

5). Make your spouse feel loved

Any successful marriage is built on drawing happiness from making your partner happy. It’s all about give, not take. This is why little tokens of appreciation will go a long way and be beneficial for the relationship as a whole. Notes and little gifts only take a few minutes to arrange, but they’re something your spouse won’t forget.

6). Trust and respect each other

Always remember why you and your partner got married. You both decided that you want to spend the rest of your lives together in the strongest possible form of commitment. This provides a solid foundation for trust and respect which are key elements of a happy marriage.

7). Keep the lines of communication open

Successful marriages are built on good communication. You both have to know what each other is thinking and how you both feel to be able to support each other. Anything else is just guesswork which can amplify problems. Always keep communication open and free of judgement, so both of you can lay down your true thoughts and feelings without having to bottle them up inside.

8). Laugh together

Remember when your relationship first started? There was probably a lot of laughter shared between you both. Always keep this alive, as laughter is good for the soul, cleanses the mind of negative thoughts and allows you to bond together in a very positive way.

9). Date nights and making time for each other

No matter what is going on in either of your lives, always try to allocate some alone time together to do something you both enjoy. Go out for a meal, head out for a walk, have drinks, visit attractions or anything else you wish. These date nights are something you can both look forward to.

10). Work at it and never turn your back

Ups and downs are part and parcel of any marriage. At times they do need extra effort, so you must both be prepared to work constructively to tackle and overcome any problems. Be pillars of support for each other, and always remember the good which is worth working for.



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